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'Corrosion' CD

Image of 'Corrosion' CD


The recording of Corrosion was started summer 2007, and was finished the following December. It was mastered by Henning Bortne at Skrekk & Skru studios, and the artwork was fully designed by the band themselves. The final product stands as a good example of the standard Frail Grounds want to set; regarding both the sound quality and overall design/pressing, considering this being their first EP.

Corrosion features five tracks and spans over 35 minutes, showing the diversity and melodic touch to metal which Frail Grounds have. Lyricwise, four of the songs are based upon the concept Morten wrote earlier. The song Shaded is standing steady on its own, a song about the human twisted mind, written by Trond Carlsen.

1. After...
2. Darker Glory
3. Shaded
4. Sweet Suffering
5. War Against The Flesh

Reviews: - 8/10 - 8/10 - 8/10 - 10/13

Romerikes Blad - 5/6

Imhotep - 4/6